Change is Constant

Lisa Picard
2 min readJan 6, 2022

Note: the following text was taken from my internal email sent to the EQ Organization on the morning of January 6, 2022

Photo I took in NYC on Feb 6, 2020; David Byrne in American Utopia

We don’t make music, it makes us — David Byrne


Dear EQ colleagues,

After a remarkable 5 years, I will be leaving EQ. If these past two years have taught us anything, it’s that change is the only constant. We’ve learned to navigate the ups and downs of our market and world with grit and grace. I have no doubt that your pure talent and growth as leaders will continue to drive EQ forward.

We’ve learned culture is community. And the culture we’ve developed together at EQ is strong. These past 5 years we’ve unleashed our curiosity, proven agility and put forward our own points of view. The intangible value of “team” we’ve developed can’t be modeled on a spreadsheet — and you all BUILT it.

I’ve talked about the importance of our talent and people. I will leave EQ knowing I’ve worked with some of the most talented and passionate professionals in the industry, who are more than colleagues, they are my friends. I say to my friends, keep challenging yourself and each other and seeking the best in all that you do — especially when it gets uncomfortable. Be the facilitators of change because real estate is competitive and if you aren’t moving ahead, you are moving behind.



Lisa Picard

Curator of urban experiences, proponent of mindful leadership AND President, CEO of EQ Office