Organizations need to require WFH quiet time

Our unique times are producing some unintended impacts on our short-term work cultures. Workers, similar to consumers of all types are adopting new behaviors during our “shelter in place orders” that are leading to many behavioral changes; some short-term some likely permanent.

Below is a note I provided to my organization this week on creating a forceful pause given the elongated day and daily demands placed on all of us.


What is so clear to me is we have a hyper responsive, respectful culture. Someone asks us for something, we immediately respond. Given the WFH status, we are all working at different hours to manage our family schedules, self care and tasks to cook, clean and feed ourselves.

The combination of our responsiveness and alternating hours means we are literally working all the time, checking emails, responding, etc.

Therefore, I’m instigating a “pause” starting at noon this Friday and running until 9am on Monday (please use your own time zone). And, If you find that you just can’t take this pause — please respect the long weekend for your colleagues; making this a quiet time for others.

I’m sensing we all need a “defined time” to ground ourselves, refill our emotional banks and prepare us for the weeks ahead.

Please soften your eyes, relax your jaw, breath from the front and backs of your lungs and connect with what makes you feel good.

Be safe

Curator of urban experiences, proponent of mindful leadership AND President, CEO of EQ Office

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