Physical + Digital (Phygital) — a term that describes the blending of digital experiences with physical assets

We are in a magical moment, a moment to completely rethink work — how, where, and why we do it. For so many of us, work is our identity and provides a sense of self. This pandemic and its forced pause has schooled us on surrendering. We ceased control of how and where we did work, and we were forced to experience an entirely different flow to our day with work bleeding into all aspects of our life. For some, this experience has increased frictions at home, and for others it has removed them — like a commute.

First, it…

Permanent Work From Home (WFH) Addresses Current Tension but Threatens Value of Companies and Talent

Work From Home (WFH) as the occasional venue is now an option (i.e. an acceptable choice).

Big tech has led workplace and talent strategies for the last decade — Namely how to attract and retain the best talent (e.g. onsite cafes, casual dress, summer hours, paid sabbaticals, etc). Now Facebook, Microsoft and others are outlining new work from home policies given recent productivity gains reported during sheltering in place orders telling employees that they won’t be required to show up until at least 2021: Zuckerberg also said that 50% of his workforce will be WFH by 2030 (even when just 20%…

Our unique times are producing some unintended impacts on our short-term work cultures. Workers, similar to consumers of all types are adopting new behaviors during our “shelter in place orders” that are leading to many behavioral changes; some short-term some likely permanent.

Below is a note I provided to my organization this week on creating a forceful pause given the elongated day and daily demands placed on all of us.


What is so clear to me is we have a hyper responsive, respectful culture. Someone asks us for something, we immediately respond. …

I have a really talented, committed and loyal workforce of nearly 200 people working at EQ Office. We service over 400 organizations with a physical place to foster the development and/or delivery of their products and services. This week we fully migrated to a Work From Home (WFH) platform (except for some of us that enable business continuity). I felt it was critical to communicate, early and often and release people from thinking they need to act as “business as usual.”

The following message might be useful to others who lead teams, run companies and advise leaders. Feel free to…

EQ Office workplace optionality — photo credit: Chris Orzer

“Nothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood,” — Marie Curie

Agility is an organizational strategy most commonly used for rapidly changing business environments. Organizational agility is the ability to thrive in ambiguous environments, being able to adapt, have flexibility and drive balance over the long term. McKinsey & Company surveyed 2,500 business leaders about business agility and found that seventy-five (75%) percent have organizational agility as a top-priority; all needing to work in agile ways (this is a 50% percent increase from what companies currently do). …

I started writing this piece when news first hit that Amazon was looking for HQ2 (about a year ago). And I decided to finish it given recent news and telling this story to just my inner circle. The early stats and articles might be slightly dated, but the message and content is relevant.

Amazon HQ1 Seattle, WA — Spheres

Amazon’s tactic for an HQ2 and the promise of 50,000 high-paying jobs created a rare and unique public auction of sorts. A bid for the panacea to all urban ills, collecting 238 responses from around the nation. …

Park Avenue Tower — New York — Image Credit: Chris Orzer

During my career, one of most challenging and enlightening positions I held was leading real estate development for a destination resort and spa; Canyon Ranch Resorts. When the customer has no contractual commitment to you beyond a night, operationally a hotel must deliver at the highest level every day or guests vote with their feet to a competitor and tell five people that the experience was subpar. Canyon Ranch, like most resorts, sought to please people every moment of every day. Our customers commonly arrived tired, stressed with a relatively low emotional capacity for uncertainty or missed expectations.

Our resort…

This was originally written for and published in City Tank on April 9, 2012. I’ve re-published it here as I’ve found it inspiring to me, again. Enjoy.

Skanska’s Living Building in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood;

Juxtaposing urban development and mindfulness in the same sentence appears akin to throwing a reunion party for the north and south poles: a futile attempt of gathering opposites. However, the practice of mindfulness is limitless, accepting and able to party with anyone.

I am a real estate developer educated in urban planning and embedded with a civic decoder, loving to hack the physical and social patterns…

Imagine a co-worker or customer is offering you some ideas on how to solve a challenging situation. You respond with, “that’s a good idea, BUT, it will be hard to do.” Alternatively, you say “that’s a good idea, AND it will be hard to do.” For me the use of AND is an invitation to mutually solve the problem and a powerful tool for leaders. Using AND acknowledges each person’s interests as legitimate and creates an environment for positive dialogue and creativity. …

I wrote the following piece after I found everyone around me (self included) always needing to say they were and remain busy. It was almost like neither of us had any value unless we uttered those words or suggested it to someone else. Calling someone “busy” was like the highest complement. I don’t say busy anymore. I always have the choice in what I do, and remain in control to make space for the things I love.


What you say about yourself, is your reality.

When people ask you how you are doing… do you say, “busy!”?

Asked how…

Lisa Picard

Curator of urban experiences, proponent of mindful leadership AND President, CEO of EQ Office

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